Diet & Nutrition

If we don’t put the correct fuel in the car we can’t expect it to run smoothly!

Early on in my journey I realised the vital role a good diet plays in acquiring and maintaining good health. So many problems are caused by unhealthy eating habits. I suffered personally from allergies and digestive disturbances and resolved to find out how to heal these issues.

We are all individuals and in my experience our response to food is also unique. My approach to nutrition in my practise revolves around finding a diet which is easy to follow and suits the patient. Having tried many fad diets, some of which only made me more ill, I realised that I needed a gentle tailored approach which took into consideration my body type, blood group and which was easily achievable within a busy lifestyle.

I have studied many different types of diets to arrive with the conclusions I use in my practise today. Using a combination of muscle testing techniques to diagnose allergies and deficiencies and my knowledge of nutrients and supplements, I formulate eating plans tailored to the patient.

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I was suffering from severe digestive problems when I first saw Yvonne. I had seen different therapists and nothing seemed to work. My body didn’t manage to make good use of all the healthy stuff I was feeding it with. I was suffering from anaemia as a result of this. Yvonne understood that I was a sensitive person. Her approach was holistic and refined. She used Homeopathy, Reiki, counselling and very clear dietary advice. In an amazingly short time the problem that I had was gone, my body could absorb the nutrition again and my energy level was restored. ~ Marie Glad