Kinesiology means ‘the study of movement’. It is a holistic discipline which uses gentle muscle testing to diagnose what may be causing problems in the body. Kinesiology is based on an understanding of the correlation between the muscle groups and the internal organs, nervous system and meridians or energy channels within the body.

A stressful lifestyle, unresolved emotional issues and inappropriate diet can all put the body’s natural energies out of balance, as can misalignments in the skeletal system. Kinesiology can be used both to diagnose and treat these problems. It is an invaluable tool within my practise as I use it for the following:

  • To diagnose nutritional deficiencies
  • To diagnose food and other allergies
  • To correct emotional stress
  • To diagnose organ weakness and skeletal misalignments
  • To ‘fine tune’ the selection and potency of Homeopathic medicines

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